Ep. #10 - Zach Ungerleider on Persistence, Education, Doing What You Love, and Muscle Cars


“For me it didn’t matter how much money I made. I was so happy and in my element…and so I was energetic and passionate and there was nothing to compare to that feeling.” - Zach Ungerleider

This episode’s guest is Zach Ungerleider, Aftermarket Sales Manager at Textron Aviation.

Zach is a graduate of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University with a Bachelors of Science in Aviation Business Administration, and is currently studying for his MBA.

He is a private pilot with instrument rating, as well as a certified Airframe & Powerplant mechanic.  He’s worked in various aspects of aviation maintenance and service for his whole career.

In this episode, we talk about his persistence in getting into the aviation industry, why he’s pursued his education, his love for flying remote control planes and modifying muscle cars, and more.


Where you can find Zach:

LinkedIn | Cessna Directory | Email

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Show notes:

  • Zach talks about his lifelong love for aviation, and his career path [1:32]

  • Zach’s diversion from aviation to run a mechanic shop [8:42]

  • The long application process for Zach to get back into aviation [13:48]

  • How Zach met the mentor that helped him get his first break in aviation [17:35]

  • Zach’s crazy work and study schedule to get his Bachelor’s degree [19:55]

  • Zach’s scheduling strategy to fit so much in [24:06]

  • Why Zach is back in school studying for his MBA [28:21]

  • Zach’s decision to move from Jet Tech to Textron [30:00]

  • Interviewing tips that Zach learned [37:43]

  • How Zach made the transition from maintenance to sales [39:37]

  • Zach talks about the NBAA Young Professionals Council [45:13]

  • Zach’s longtime interest in remote-controlled airplanes [51:35]

  • Zach’s other hobby modifying and racing muscle cars [56:54]

  • Who Zach considers successful [1:01:52]

  • Worst and best advice for those interested in business aviation [1:03:16]