Ep. #14 - Stephanie Chung on Overcoming Adversity, Sales, and Leadership


“The average employee wants to know what it is they do, what it is that we do as a company, and how what they do impacts what we do as a company. It sounds simple enough on the surface, but…it’s important that we stop and we make sure all leaders are communicating.” - Stephanie Chung

This episode’s guest is Stephanie Chung, President of JetSuite.

Stephanie has spent over 35 years working in both commercial and private aviation, including 13 years at Flexjet, where she was a Vice President before joining JetSuite.

She has consistently been in the top of her field selling throughout her career, and has authored several books, as well as created her own sales methodology called Neuroscience Selling.

Stephanie also owns her own consulting and coaching firm, specializing in leadership communication and high-ticket selling.

On this episode we talk about her career progression through aviation, overcoming failure early to reach her sales success, how to hire and make great leaders, and much, much more.


Where you can find Stephanie:

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Show notes:

  • Stephanie talks about growing up as an Air Force brat or “professional new kid”, and how that influenced her professional life [1:47]

  • Stephanie talks about her first job in aviation [7:41]

  • Why Stephanie didn’t go into the Air Force [11:26]

  • Stephanie’s move into sales, and how she overcame early struggles [13:47]

  • Stephanie talks about transferring her skills to Mary Kay, and what it takes to be a successful salesperson [25:36]

  • Stephanie talks about leadership talent in corporate America, and how to develop better managers [40:48]

  • Stephanie talks about her 13 years at Flexjet, managing teams, and letting employees go [58:16]

  • The sales and leadership methodology that Stephanie has developed, and what makes a great conversation [1:08:55]

  • Stephanie talks about her role as a leader in becoming the first African-American executive in business aviation, and being in a male-dominated industry [1:14:25]

  • What attracted Stephanie to JetSuite, and what she has planned for the next 12-24 months [1:19:36]

  • Stephanie talks about how she unwinds, how she keeps herself healthy, and how to develop professional confidence [1:23:09]