Ep. #8 - Q&A with Sebastien Roy, CEO and Founder of Lean Systems


This episode’s guest is Sebastien Roy my cofounder, CEO and the person behind the original idea for Lean Systems.

Seb grew up in Sherbrooke, Quebec, in Canada, and did his undergrad, master’s and Ph.D at Universite de Sherbrooke in Physics, with his graduate work focusing on superconductivity.  

After his post-graduate work, he began working at AD-OPT, an operations research company specializing in solving optimization problems like crew scheduling for some of the world’s top commercial aviation companies.

This conversation is in a Q&A format, and we talk about everything from the basic definition of optimization and where it’s applied, to advanced use cases in aviation, data management best practices, and more.


Where you can find Sebastien:

LinkedIn | Twitter

Show notes:

  • A basic definition of optimization [1:50]

  • Industries that have been good about implementing optimization [2:53]

  • Why optimization hasn’t historically played a large role in business aviation [3:56]

  • Benefits of restrictions of more basic optimization technology used in areas like delivery [4:56]

  • What we do at Lean Systems [7:15]

  • The origin of the idea for Lean Systems [8:37]

  • The opportunities for optimization in commercial and business aviation and how they’re different [11:28]

  • What makes our technology unique from what’s historically been available or what other products provide [17:04]

  • The new opportunities for optimization now that the cost has come down [20:22]

  • The specific areas within business aviation that have the opportunity for optimization [30:13]

  • How to better manage data to be prepared for optimization and software tool implementation [38:08]