Ep. #13 - Lee Brewster On Learning on the Job, Listening Well & Finding What You're Good At


“When I think of servant leadership, I really think of…what it is that I’m doing that can help and enhance others. My success is the success of the people around me.” - Lee Brewster

This episode’s guest is Lee Brewster.

Lee is currently the Director of Product Marketing with Flightdocs, a software company that focuses on maintenance tracking, inventory control, scheduling and operations.

Lee started her career in aviation as a student worker at Tarrant County College’s Part 147 Aviation Maintenance program. This eventually transformed into a full time position allowing her to be involved in the National Science Foundation Grant that became the National Center for Aerospace & Transportation Technologies, or NCATT, which she worked on for 10 years.

She has since held positions with ASTM, FlightSafety, and her current position at Flightdocs, and also serves on the NBAA Maintenance Committee and the Advisory Committee for Tarrant County College’s Aviation Programs.

In this episode we talk about learning on the job, how to listen well, finding what you’re good at, servant leadership, and more.


Where you can find Lee:

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Show notes:

  • Lee talks about growing up in rural Texas [1:46]

  • How Lee “stumbled” into a career in aviation [5:09]

  • Lee’s involvement with the National Center for Aerospace and Transportation Technology [6:55]

  • Lee’s early strategies for learning on the job [13:50]

  • The framework Lee used for facilitating developing new curriculums and guidelines [20:24]

  • The personal strengths Lee identified that have helped her be successful [23:08]

  • How mentorship has helped Lee in her career [30:59]

  • Lee talks about working at ASTM and then FlightSafety [36:37]

  • Why Lee moved to Flightdocs, and how she learned new material in the new position [49:26]

  • Lee talks about servant leadership [51:32]

  • Why Lee believes it important to serve on committees and local organizations [54:37]

  • What Lee would give a TED talk on [1:02:26]

  • Lee’s advice for those entering the business aviation world [1:06:21]