Ep. #7 - Kellie Rittenhouse on Facing Setbacks, Learning Constantly, and Team Collaboration


"I believe that great customer service boils down to simple acts performed consistently, and considering your customer first." - Kellie Rittenhouse

This episode’s guest is Kellie Rittenhouse, Director of Aviation at Hangar Aviation Management. 

Kellie started work in the aviation world at an FBO, and has since held a wide variety of positions, including customer service rep, charter salesperson, scheduler/dispatcher, and flight operations center manager, just to name a few.

She’s an FAA Licensed Dispatcher and Certified Aviation Manager, and has served on numerous committees and boards, including the National Business Aviation Association Scheduler’s & Dispatcher’s Committee, the Advisory Council, the CAM Governing Board, and the Michigan Business Aviation Association Board of Directors.

In this episode we talk about Kellie’s career progression, some of the setbacks she’s faced, her passion for customer service and fostering team collaboration, and more.


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Show notes:

  • Why Kellie chose to study journalism in college, her first setback, and how she got into aviation [1:40]

  • Where Kellie still enjoys English and drama outside aviation [5:05]

  • Kellie's first job at an FBO, and how she got the position [6:39]

  • How Kellie came to get her FAA Dispatcher License, and her next few jobs in aviation [9:10]

  • Kellie's first involvement with NBAA and Scheduler's & Dispatcher's [18:10]

  • How Kellie worked her way into new positions [20:12]

  • What changed in terms of how she faced setbacks since college [21:12]

  • Kellie's next few roles in aviation, from crew scheduler to charter sales to managing flight ops to owner services [23:45]

  • One of Kellie's career highlights that resulted from facing and overcoming a setback [32:25]

  • Kellie's experience revamping customer service at an FBO [35:55]

  • How Kellie came into her current position at Hangar Aviation Management [43:04]

  • How Kellie cultivates a "collaborative work environment" [54:24]

  • What led Kellie to seek and obtain her Certified Aviation Manager (CAM) credential [59:06]

  • Why Kellie believes it's important to be involved with committees and boards where possible [1:04:33]

  • How Kellie has viewed learning throughout her career [1:07:27]

  • The experience Kellie would give her younger self when facing setbacks or adversity [1:09:38]

  • Three books that have had a big impact on Kellie [1:11:33]

  • Who Kellie thinks of when she hears the word "successful" [1:12:55]

  • A major misconception of the business aviation world [1:13:54]

  • Kellie's advice for someone entering the business aviation world [1:15:15]