Ep. #9 - Emily White On Adapting To New Roles, Goal-Setting And Making The Most Of Your Time


“I never want to look back 20 years from now and be like "wow I wish I had more" or "why didn't I try?" because the worst that ever occurs is you fail. But you're going to fail. That's part of life. I don't think you can ever be afraid to fail.” - Emily White

This episode’s guest is Emily White, Director of Sales at Avianis.

Emily studied Psychology before entering the aviation world as a Flight Follower for Florida Coastal Airlines.  Since then, she has held a wide variety of roles from scheduler, to flight operations manager, to charter sales, and her current position as Director of Sales for Avianis.

She’s an FAA Licensed Dispatcher and is a board member for the National Business Aviation Association Scheduler’s & Dispatcher’s Committee.

In this episode we talk about how Emily got into the industry, why she loves it so much, how she’s been successful across a wide variety of positions, her love for cycling and horseback riding, and much more.


Where you can find Emily:

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Show notes:

  • What Emily studied in college before entering aviation [1:32]

  • Emily’s first job in aviation [2:32]

  • How Emily made the transition from flight following to scheduling to operations manager [8:02]

  • Emily’s advice for moving to different positions and learning quickly [11:44]

  • The motivation behind Emily getting her dispatcher’s license [15:25]

  • How Emily approaches new challenges and deals with fear of failure and nervousness [18:39]

  • Emily’s transition to sales - a field she never thought she’d be in - and the skills that have helped her be successful in the area [22:48]

  • Why Emily is so passionate about Scheduler’s & Dispatcher’s, and continued education [26:24]

  • How Emily approaches new roles, and tracks progress quantitatively [29:44]

  • The things that competitive cycling and professional horseback riding have taught Emily that translate into her work [32:51]

  • Emily’s sales process at Avianis [37:59]

  • Books that have had a large impact on Emily [40:11]

  • The first person Emily thinks of when she thinks of the word ‘successful’ [42:06]

  • The worst advice Emily sees in the aviation world [43:15]

  • Emily’s advice for a smart, motivated person entering the business aviation world [46:15]