Ep. #15 - Chris Salley on Getting a Job, Being a Resource, and Adapting Your Role


“Take every freakin’ opportunity that you have.” - Chris Salley

This episode’s guest is Chris Salley, Sales and Marketing Manager for FBO and 145 Services at National Jets.

Chris has an undergraduate degree from Jacksonville University in Aviation Management, and an MBA in Aviation/Airway Management and Operations from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University.

He has previously held positions in marketing, sales and operations for Dassault, SchedAero and Wyvern, and has produced outstanding results wherever he’s worked.

On this episode we talk about aviation education, learning sales, taking on responsibilities outside your job description, listening to customers, and more.


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Show notes:

  • Chris talks about how he became interested in aviation & entrepreneurship [1:27]

  • The internships Chris got during university, and what they taught him [7:05]

  • Things that business schools could do better to prepare students for jobs after education [16:59]

  • The first job Chris had in aviation after school [23:31]

  • What the role entailed when Chris worked at a relatively young company [29:40]

  • The sales skills Chris learned during his early jobs [36:31]

  • Some of the questions and techniques Chris uses to find out what prospects are really concerned about [43:26]

  • How being at a startup was both motivating and distracting [54:37]

  • What motivated Chris to do his MBA [58:57]

  • How previous experience has helped Chris be successful in his current position [1:08:46]

  • Best and worst advice Chris hears being dispensed in the business aviation industry [1:19:38]