Ep. #12 - Alex Marks on Part 91 vs. 135, Networking, & Opportunities in Business Aviation


“There’s just so much opportunity in this industry for people…there's so much that needs to be done to promote this industry and keep this industry going that the opportunities are boundless.” - Alex Marks

This episode’s guest is Alex Marks.

Alex is a pilot currently based in Chicago as a Senior Captain for a Fortune 100 company.  He’s maintained a lifelong passion for aviation, and has worked in many different facets of business aviation, from Part 135 charter, to OEMs, aircraft sales & consulting and flight instruction.

He has an undergraduate degree from Purdue, an MBA from Southern Methodist University, and received his CAM credential in 2015.

Alex is also a member of the board of directors for the Chicago Area Business Aviation Association, the NBAA Young Professionals Council and the NBAA CAM Exam Question Writing Committee.

He’s an avid traveler with a wide variety of interests that range from 3D printing and welding to playing the banjo.  

In this episode we talk about Part 91 vs. 135, networking and opportunities within business aviation, continuing education, and more.


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Show notes:

  • Alex talks about his lifelong passion for aviation, and how it showed at an early age [1:45]

  • Alex’s first degree at Purdue [6:38]

  • Alex’s first job out of university flying Beechjets [10:08]

  • Alex’s second aviation job, working for a charter company in Dallas, and the job search process [17:05]

  • What was different about this second job [20:52]

  • Alex’s decision to pursue his MBA [25:26]

  • Alex’s jobs after his MBA, and his move to his current position [37:19]

  • Alex’s involvement in industry associations and why he believes it’s important [44:33]

  • The opportunities for people in business aviation [47:14]

  • Alex’s 3D printing hobby [51:50]

  • The experience of climbing Kilimanjaro [56:17]

  • One of Alex’s favorite books, and some of the airplanes he’s owned [57:53]

  • Who Alex considers successful [1:01:26]

  • The worst advice Alex hears in the business aviation world [1:03:17]