Ep. #4 - Sebastien Roy on Studying Physics, Defining Success, and Optimization in Aviation

This episode's guest is Sebastien Roy my cofounder, CEO and the person behind the original idea for Lean Systems.

Seb grew up in Sherbrooke, Quebec, in Canada, and did his undergrad, master’s and Ph.D at Universite de Sherbrooke in Physics, with his graduate work focusing on superconductivity.  

After his post-graduate work, he began working at AD-OPT, an operations research company specializing in solving optimization problems like crew scheduling for some of the world’s top commercial aviation companies.

He graduated from Founder Institute Montreal with me, which is where we met and he refined his idea for what would become Lean Systems, and convinced me to join as a cofounder.

As one would expect for cofounders, I have an immense amount of respect for Seb - he’s one of the smartest, hardworking, and thoughtful people I know.  This conversation is a bit of an introduction and background to Seb and Lean Systems, and how optimization works in commercial and business aviation.

Ep. #3: Greg Jarrett on Building a New Business and How to Use Data to Increase Charter Sales

This episode's guest is Greg Jarrett, who is the founder and CEO of STACK.aero, which develops cloud-based solutions typically powered by the Salesforce Platform for aviation and logistics companies.

Greg has worked as a charter salesperson all over the world, before turning software developer for the business aviation community, and he’s passionate about helping business aircraft operators stay at the front of the technology curve.

Ep. #2: Joe Zvada on Ballooning, Optimization and Finding Ways to Help Out

This episode's guest is Joe Zvada, who is currently Vice President at Ultimate Jetcharters.

Joe and I share a love for optimization and efficiency, and we get into depth on how Joe has incorporated that into his work at Ultimate, as well as some of the things he’s learned from ballooning that apply to his work, and his advice for newcomers to the aviation world.


Ep. #1: Chris Algee on Progressing Professionally, Gathering Mentors, and Building Communities

This episode's guest is Chris Algee, who is currently Manager - Flight Scheduling and Dispatch at HealthSouth Aviation.

Chris is an amazing person, well-known for his people skills, and one of my first friends in the industry.  In this conversation we get into everything from how he found his first job in aviation, to how he cultivates great mentors, and his advice for being successful in a career in business aviation.