Ep. #5 - Brad "B-Rad" Elliott of Desert Jet on Never Saying No and Why Service is King


"...the definition of luck is when opportunity and experience meet. I'm very lucky.  I've had lots of experience and I mean it's just been epic for me." - Brad Elliott

This episode's guest is Brad “B-Rad” Elliott, who is General Manager at the Desert Jet Center FBO, which he was involved in opening, and he is also a Bahamas Flying Ambassador.  He’s been in business aviation for 16 years, including positions in customer service, marketing, sales, and more.

He’s planned trips around the world in small private jets and turboprops, has a private pilot license, and has volunteered in various capacities in aviation, including serving on the NBAA S&D committee for 4 years, setting up static displays at various conferences, and being involved with many aviation charities.   

We cover how he got his start in aviation, some of the key skills that have helped him been successful in his career, how service has changed in business aviation, some of his favourite business resources, and more.

Where you can find Brad:

Twitter | LinkedIn | Desert Jet

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Show notes:

  • Where the nickname B-Rad comes from [1:42]

  • What attracted Brad to aviation, and how he got into the industry [3:30]

  • Why Brad chose to study marketing [6:29]

  • Why Brad got involved with the NBAA Schedulers & Dispatchers Committee [9:22]

  • What helped Brad succeed in his first job [11:15]

  • Brad's experience planning worldwide trips in his second industry job [15:57]

  • How Brad developed his networking and public speaking skills with Toastmasters [25:01]

  • How the opportunity to work at Desert Jet came about, and his unique interview [31:33]

  • Brad's opinion on how service in the aviation industry has changed, why, and what we need to do about it [42:45]

  • The habits and skills Brad has developed to be successful as GM of an FBO [51:29]

  • What podcasts and music Brad listens to in the morning [55:57]

  • Who Brad thinks of when he thinks of the word successful [57:41]

  • Some books that have had a large impact on Brad [58:31]

  • What Brad's morning routine looks like [1:01:05]

  • The worst advice Brad hears being dispensed in the business aviation world [1:02:51]

  • A quote Brad thinks about often [1:03:52]

  • Brad's advice for a smart, motivated person about to enter the business aviation world [1:04:37]