Ep. #1: Chris Algee on Progressing Professionally, Gathering Mentors, and Building Communities


"Take the time to understand someone else and not make an assumption about who they are as a person.  Let them tell you what they're all about." - Chris Algee

This episode's guest is Chris Algee, who is currently Manager - Flight Scheduling and Dispatch at HealthSouth Aviation.

Chris has been in aviation for more than 15 years, starting with NetJets in Crew Services, and has spent time with Home Depot and Jet Aviation - McKesson.  He earned his FAA Dispatch license after winning a scholarship through the NBAA Schedulers & Dispatchers commitee, and has since also earned the distinguished NBAA Certified Aviation Manager (or CAM) credential.

He’s served on the NBAA S&D committee, been a board member for the Georgia Business Aviation Association, and gives his time outside aviation to mission work, among other things.

Chris is an amazing person, well-known for his people skills, and one of my first friends in the industry.  In this conversation we get into everything from how he found his first job in aviation, to how he cultivates great mentors, and his advice for being successful in a career in business aviation.

Selected links from the episode:

You can find Chris on: LinkedIn

Show notes:

  • Chris explains how American college football works, and how his team (Auburn University) did this season [01:47]

  • How Chris chose aviation to study in college [04:28]

  • Chris describes how he got his first job in aviation at NetJets [07:00]

  • What the job at NetJets entailed, and what he learned during his time there [11:51]

  • Chris shares a story about his time at NetJets during 9/11 [13:41]

  • Why Chris moved on to Home Depot, and how he got his Dispatcher's license through an NBAA scholarship [17:18]

  • How Chris developed mentors, and some of the influence they had in him changing positions [21:08]

  • Why Chris decided to move on from Home Depot to Jet Aviation [25:24]

  • Chris describes why he decided to pursue the Certified Aviation Manager credential, and how he views the scheduling and dispatch role within a flight department [35:24]

  • How Chris got the nickname 'CWEED' at Jet Aviation [41:30]

  • How Chris made the decision to move to HealthSouth, and how the previous roles he held shaped the position he's now in [45:30]

  • Why Chris is so interested in people and building communities [52:53]

  • Chris talks about some of the international mission work he's done outside aviation [58:44]

  • The best trip Chris has ever scheduled [1:07:04]

  • The most difficult trip Chris has ever scheduled [1:12:46]

  • Chris's final advice for those who want to be successful in the world of aviation [1:17:21]