Ep. #14 - Stephanie Chung on Overcoming Adversity, Sales, and Leadership

This episode’s guest is Stephanie Chung, President of JetSuite.

Stephanie has spent over 35 years working in both commercial and private aviation, including 13 years at Flexjet, where she was a Vice President before joining JetSuite.

She has consistently been in the top of her field selling throughout her career, and has authored several books, as well as created her own sales methodology called Neuroscience Selling.

Stephanie also owns her own consulting and coaching firm, specializing in leadership communication and high-ticket selling.

On this episode we talk about her career progression through aviation, overcoming failure early to reach her sales success, how to hire and make great leaders, and much, much more.

Ep. #13 - Lee Brewster On Learning on the Job, Listening Well & Finding What You're Good At

This episode’s guest is Lee Brewster.

Lee is currently the Director of Product Marketing with Flightdocs, a software company that focuses on maintenance tracking, inventory control, scheduling and operations.

Lee started her career in aviation as a student worker at Tarrant County College’s Part 147 Aviation Maintenance program. This eventually transformed into a full time position allowing her to be involved in the National Science Foundation Grant that became the National Center for Aerospace & Transportation Technologies, or NCATT, which she worked on for 10 years.

She has since held positions with ASTM, FlightSafety, and her current position at Flightdocs, and also serves on the NBAA Maintenance Committee and the Advisory Committee for Tarrant County College’s Aviation Programs.

In this episode we talk about learning on the job, how to listen well, finding what you’re good at, servant leadership, and more.

Ep. #12 - Alex Marks on Part 91 vs. 135, Networking, & Opportunities in Business Aviation

This episode’s guest is Alex Marks.

Alex is a pilot currently based in Chicago as a Senior Captain for a Fortune 100 company.  He’s maintained a lifelong passion for aviation, and has worked in many different facets of business aviation, from Part 135 charter, to OEMs, aircraft sales & consulting and flight instruction.

He has an undergraduate degree from Purdue, an MBA from Southern Methodist University, and received his CAM credential in 2015.

Alex is also a member of the board of directors for the Chicago Area Business Aviation Association, the NBAA Young Professionals Council and the NBAA CAM Exam Question Writing Committee.

He’s an avid traveler with a wide variety of interests that range from 3D printing and welding to playing the banjo.  

In this episode we talk about Part 91 vs. 135, networking and opportunities within business aviation, continuing education, and more.

Ep. #11 - Neil Capano on Alternate Career Paths, Taking Chances, and Showing Up

This episode’s guest is Neil Capano.  Neil is the founder of YonderWest Aero, a company helping small flight departments with aircraft scheduling solutions, Executive Director of the Northern California Business Aviation Association, and Director of Aircraft Dispatch and Station Operations for Air Transport Business Development (ATBD).

He’s a licensed dispatcher and has worked for a number of companies in the past, including Surf Air, Gama Aviation, Delta Air Lines and more.  He’s also a wine enthusiast and is currently developing his own wine label.

In this episode we talk about Neil’s non-traditional career path, what he’s learned from his experience in many different types of companies, including helping aviation startups, and how he made the leap from employee to founder of YonderWest.

Ep. #10 - Zach Ungerleider on Persistence, Education, Doing What You Love, and Muscle Cars

This episode’s guest is Zach Ungerleider, Aftermarket Sales Manager at Textron Aviation.

Zach is a graduate of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University with a Bachelors of Science in Aviation Business Administration, and is currently studying for his MBA.

He is a private pilot with instrument rating, as well as a certified Airframe & Powerplant mechanic.  He’s worked in various aspects of aviation maintenance and service for his whole career.

In this episode, we talk about his persistence in getting into the aviation industry, why he’s pursued his education, his love for flying remote control planes and modifying muscle cars, and more.