Maintenance Scheduling: How to Save Money, Improve Availability and Reduce Headache

Building a maintenance schedule is tough.  

Whether you’re building a yearly or monthly schedule, there are so many factors to consider that it’s always a pain.  

You’re not done once you have a schedule either.  That’s just the beginning - added trips, unplanned delays, staffing changes - they all have an impact as the schedule gets closer to operation.

For those doing the scheduling, it’s a constant pain.  Having planes down when trips come in hurts the bottom line.  

Maintenance staff aren't happy when overworked.


Lean Systems Maintenance Scheduling Solution

At Lean Systems, our optimization engine takes into account the custom rules of your particular operation and automates the solution.  

Instead of fighting the constantly-changing schedule of operations, you can just press a button when changes are made.

Our team has implemented solutions for everyone from commercial operators, to charter, to military, and has been developing cutting-edge optimization solutions for years.

Implementing our solution means:

  • Consistent schedules, regardless of scheduler expertise.

  • It's easy to modify scheduling rules when things change or you want to run simulations.

  • Optimized solutions match or beat human schedulers.

  • Saved money and improved fleet availability.

  • Large amount of time saved on actual scheduling activities.

  • Predictable schedules that improve over time.

  • Future opportunity to implement advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to further improve scheduling.


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