Lean Paratransit

Whether you're a contractor or a provider, our paratransit platform lets you automate your scheduling while improving efficiency by over 30%.

Our brand-new technology is changing how paratransit providers operate like never before.


No more constant scheduling

Our platform takes into account all operating rules, and solves your schedule in minutes, which means you no longer have to continuously change your schedule around as requests come in.

If you do need to plan ahead of time, it's a simple click of a button.


Improve your efficiency by 30%+

We know how difficult it is to provide effective service with limited resources, and that you're under budget pressure and increased ridership.

Our brand-new optimization technology has never before been used in paratransit, and we can improve your efficiency by over 30%.

That translates to more coverage using less vehicles, and more satisfied riders.

We can save you money starting tomorrow.

We offer free assessments to show you exactly how much you'll save


Flexibility you need

We know that different operators prioritize different things.  Need to maximize cost-effectiveness?  We make that easy.

More concerned about rider satisfaction?  We can optimize for that.  

Need to optimize for both and adjust over time?  We can do that as well, or include any other number of criteria you specify, customized for your operation.


super-fast implementation, no training required

We know you're used to long implementation periods with lots of training required - that's not the case with us.

Our platform integrates with whatever tools you already use, no training required. We take care of integration for you, and once you're set up, it's just a press of a button to send your data to us, and get back fully optimized schedules.


Cancellations are a huge pain - and a big waste

We know that many paratransit providers get 20-30% of their bookings cancelled.

Not only does that mean your dispatchers are constantly scrambling to adjust, but you lose efficiency.

We can re-optimize schedules in minutes, meaning you can easily adjust throughout the day to minimize the impact of cancellations.


Multi-Modal Transport

Another hot topic as ridership increases, implementing multi-modal transport is hard.  

Different customers have different needs, and considering all the options for hundreds of different riders isn't feasible for semi-manual or manual scheduling teams.

Thankfully, we can easily incorporate it into our platform, putting you at the head of the pack when it comes to utilizing multi-modal transport.


Get better over time

Once you've brought us on board, how do we continue to help you improve over time?

By employing advanced machine learning and statistical techniques, we learn about your individual riders, traffic, and schedules, and incorporate this into your scheduling.

Think of things like adjusting our routing algorithm to take into account traffic patterns specific to your city.  

Or adjusting the pickup/dropoff times for individual riders automatically.

Your efficiency will only get better over time.

Every day you wait is a day you could save money, and provide better service.