Lean business Aviation

Whether your fleet is owned or managed, fixed or floating, one type or many, our business aviation platform lets you automate your crew scheduling and routing while improving efficiency by over 30%.

We can take care of routing your planes, scheduling your crew, or both combined.

Our brand-new technology is changing how operators work like never before.


No more constant scheduling

Our platform takes into account all FAR operating rules, as well as specific organizational rules, and solves your schedule in minutes.

This means you no longer have to spend your day continuously evaluating options and changing your schedule around as requests come in.

If you do need to plan ahead of time, it's a simple click of a button to re-schedule.


Improve your efficiency by 30%+

We know that margins are thin, and operating efficiently is core to your business.

Our brand-new optimization technology has never before been used business aviation, and we can improve your efficiency by over 30%.

That translates to being able to fulfill more requests, less deadheading, and much higher utilization, ultimately improving your bottom line.

We offer free assessments to tell you exactly how much you'll save


Flexibility you need

We know that every operator is different, and many have different operating rules for their planes and crew; often, it's different for every plane and crew. 

With our platform, it's not a problem.  Individual rules and constraints are easy to add, so that your scheduling reflects how much your scheduling team tailors schedules when doing it manually.

Need permission from an owner before flying?  We can flag the trip.  Need to hit minimum hours?  We can prioritize that plane so you hit them every month.


super-fast implementation, no training required

We know you're used to long implementation periods with lots of training required when looking at new software - not with us.

Our optimization platform integrates with the operations system you already use, no training required. We take care of integration for you, and once you're set up, it's just a press of a button to send your data to us, and get back fully optimized schedules. 

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Crew issues are a big pain

Keeping track of crew hours, training time, and time off is difficult to begin with.  

When you add crews who can work multiple planes or types, and try to prioritize crew satisfaction, it becomes unmanageable and a constant headache.

Thankfully, our platform can take care of your crew scheduling as well, either individually, or as a combined problem with the routing optimization of your aircraft.


Get better over time

Once you've brought us on board, how do we continue to help you improve over time?

By employing advanced machine learning and statistical techniques, we learn about your individual organizational tendencies, and show you how to improve.

That lets you do things like evaluate expansion opportunities, make decisions about how to expand effectively, or change your operations to maximize performance.

Your efficiency will only get better over time.

Every day you wait is a day you're leaving money on the table.