+ What is Lean Systems?

Lean Systems is a cloud-based optimization engine, built on the most powerful techniques available for solving large-scale optimization problems with multiple constraints.

+ How does Lean Systems work?

In the simplest terms, you export your raw data (usually an unsorted list of tasks - pickups/dropoffs/destinations, etc.) to us through our API, we optimize it based on your constraints (developed during onboarding), and send you back an optimized solution! (usually in the form of a schedule, roster, etc.)

+ What is an API?

API stands for Application Programming Interface, which is a set of routines, protocols, and tools for building software applications. An API specifies how software components should interact. In our case, it specifies how you need to format your data and send it to our solver platform.

+ What sort of background does your team have?

Our technical team have multiple doctorates in theoretical physics and operations research, but have also worked in industry working on problems like crew scheduling for some of the world's top airlines and resource allocation for some of the world's largest logistics problems.

Our advisors have built and sold many companies in a wide variety of domains, but bring specific expertise in SaaS, digital products, aviation, and enterprise software.

+ What technology does Lean Systems use?

The underlying technology used in our system is a novel approach to column-generation with branch-and-bound algorithms, which are the most advanced techniques available for solving large-scale linear problems.

Until now, only the largest companies have been able to afford the expensive consultants providing this technology for optimization.

Using Lean Systems:

+ Who is Lean Systems for?

Lean Systems is for any transportation company that schedules or routes large fleets. We can automate your scheduling, and our optimization algorithms will improve your efficiency significantly, ultimately saving your business money.

Generally, scheduling efficiency is increased at least 30% upon implementation of our technology.

+ How can Lean Systems help my business?

In general, if you deal with large scheduling and routing problems - you schedule a large group of employees, or have to complete a large number of pickups and dropoffs, etc. - we can help you improve efficiency and save your business time and money.

In particular, we specialize in large problems with many constraints - rules that must be followed when building the schedules or routes.

+ Is Lean Systems compatible with the processes and software I currently use?

Yes! One of the reasons we built Lean Systems without a user interface is we know you already have the processes and tools you're used to working with, and it's a pain to change - and why should you?

During onboarding, we quickly work with you to make sure we get the system set up properly for your use case, and after that, all that's required is literally a click of a button - you export your data to us, we send it back optimized, and you can continue using your own tools as you normally would.

No complicated training or switching, and you can get started right away!

+ What sort of training is required?

One member of our team will work with you quickly during the onboarding to make sure we get your data in the correct format. After that, no training required - just simply press a button!

+ What's the limit on the size of the problems you can solve?

There is no limit! Well, we have yet to find one. Solve time increases slightly as the problems become larger, but our techniques are the most advanced in dealing with large problems. We regularly deal with problems involving thousands of tasks.

Use Cases:

+ I'm a paratransit/accessible transit operator or contractor - how can Lean Systems help my business?

Paratransit operators must schedule hundreds or thousands of trips per day, often constantly modifying schedules as bookings and cancellations come in, and while taking into account many different rules and operating constraints.

Our solver takes into account all operating constraints, and can solve the problem in minutes, meaning you can complete planning the night before with ease, or even re-optimize through the day.

We automate your scheduling and improve the efficiency of your schedules, improving overall scheduling efficiency by over 30%.

You can even use it to re-optimize through the day to reduce the impact of cancellations, further saving you money.

+ I'm a business airline - how can Lean Systems help my business?

Crews and aircraft must deal with many regulations when conducting business, which requires a high level of skill from schedulers.

We can automate your planning, taking into account all these rules and regulations, and solve the problem of routing your aircraft and scheduling pilots quickly enough that you can re-optimize through the day.

Automating the process and using our optimization will save you both time and money, critical to your business.

+ I'm a commercial airline - how can Lean Systems help my business?

Scheduling a huge number of crew members in such a large business, while abiding by regulations and keeping crew happy is an extremely difficult problem.

Our solver can take into account all regulations while also taking into account how your organization prioritizes who gets which schedules - preferential, equal share, etc. - and automates the process, saving you huge amounts of time and improving the efficiency of the scheduling.


+ What does it cost?

The cost of the system depends on the application, but is based upon usage - you pay based on the size of your problem and how often you use the solver. If you're doing re-optimization, you only pay for changes to the original solution.

There is a standard onboarding cost to help you get up and running, and then the subscription is monthly, so you can stop using it whenever you like.

The cost of the solver pays for itself quickly in the efficiency and cost savings you'll see in your organization, and we're happy to prove that to you.

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