Crew Scheduling: Solve it for Good

Crew scheduling is tough and time-consuming.

Operating different types of aircraft or equipment setups requires different competencies.

Crew complements need different qualifications and flight hours.

Individual crew members have their own preferences.

Dissatisfied staff cost even more when they leave and someone new has to sourced and trained.  

Pilots are particularly hard to find.

Building a monthly crew schedule consumes a huge amount of time and resources, and is a constant headache for staff.

Often, when key personnel leave, things get even worse than usual as other staff have to step up and fill the void.

The good news is crew scheduling can be automated.  


Lean Systems Crew Scheduling Solution

At Lean Systems we use advanced algorithms to build crew schedules, taking into account operating rules specific to each organization.

Our solution vastly reduces the time required to build a schedule, and can be re-run whenever as new trips are booked.

Our team has built crew scheduling systems for everyone from charter companies to the world’s top commercial airlines.

They have decades of combined experience in the field.

With our crew scheduling system, you’ll be able to do the following:

  • Vastly reduce the amount of time (and therefore money) spent each month on crew scheduling,

  • Schedule consistently across the company,

  • Never worry about key scheduling personnel leaving,

  • Notify crew in advance about choosing good days off to minimize back-and-forth later,

  • Automatically notify crew once their schedule is set,

  • Balance quality-of-life considerations among the crew, or give benefits to seniority, and

  • Be transparent in how scheduling decisions are made, reducing conflict between crew and scheduling staff.

Top companies in charter and commercial aviation are implementing solutions to automate and optimize their scheduling.

The increased efficiency is helping them keep staff and grow.


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