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Learn how our optimization technology can save you time and money every month. 

you could be Saving Hundreds of Hours Per Month

  • Vastly reduce the amount of time (and therefore money) spent each month on crew scheduling,

  • Schedule consistently across the company,

  • Never worry about key scheduling personnel leaving,

  • Notify crew in advance about choosing good days off to minimize back-and-forth later,

  • Automatically notify crew once their schedule is set,

  • Balance quality-of-life considerations among the crew, or give benefits to seniority, and

  • Be transparent in how scheduling decisions are made, reducing conflict between crew and scheduling staff.

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"The solver generated exactly what we wanted!  Congratulations to the whole team."

- Frédéric Prégent, Taxelco (Montreal)

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Here are a few things we've accomplished for clients:

  • Reduced the amount of empty distance traveled by the fleet by 66%.

  • Reduced the number of crew needed to operate the same number of routes by 10%.

  • Automated scheduling tasks that previously took 12 hours, and brought it down to 10 minutes.

  • Completely automated scheduling for fleets with multiple vehicle types, hundreds of vehicles, and multiple optimization criteria.

And here are a few things our team has experience with in the past:

  • Scheduling thousands of crew with tens of operating rules and multiple vehicle types for some of the world's top logistics companies.

  • Biofuel supply chain management on a global scale.

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