What We Worked On In 2018

2018 was a fun year for us at Lean Systems.  

It was our first full year in the business aviation industry, and it upheld it’s reputation for being friendly and rewarding.

We went to our second SDC and BACE, and while we didn’t make it to EBACE, we’ll likely be back this year.

What follows is a quick summary of what we accomplished in 2018, and a preview of what’s in store for 2019.

We continued to optimize over 10,000 trips/mo in our home city of Montreal

Before we shifted our focus to business aviation, our first clients were scheduled ground transport providers in Montreal.

They do thousands of trips a month, scheduled 12 hours in advance - a huge task to organize.

We’ve been optimizing and scheduling those trips for almost 3 years now, and the use case continues to help us improve our product for applications across industries.

We debuted our podcast

One of our favourite aspects of the business aviation industry is the people.

There are so many wonderful people with interesting stories.

We wanted to capture these and extract best practices.

We’ve got more episodes planned for this year, so you can expect at least one per month.  

We’re always open to suggestions for guests too! (just send us an email)

We worked on crew scheduling for one of the largest operators in North America

Crew scheduling is a headache for many operators, often made more complicated by legacy operations software.

We spent much of 2018 working on solving this problem for a very large operator, and are continuing that work now.

We’ve talked to a lot of operators about their challenges in this area, and will be working to debut a crew scheduling product in 2019.

We worked on scheduling training for military crews

Crew scheduling isn’t just difficult in business aviation - it’s challenging in many industries, including the military.

We worked on a pilot project looking at scheduling training sorties for a large military client, and will likely share a case study on this in 2019.

As we see in the business aviation industry, technical challenges around data sharing made this project tricky, and will continue to be a challenge during implementation.

The good news? It’s easier in business aviation!

We refined our aircraft scheduling product, and began deployment work for 2019

A complicated product, but one that produces immediate return on investment, we invested a lot in our aircraft optimization product.

This is based on the work we’ve done in ground transport, and we’ve been focused on making it flexible and fast to deploy for operators.

The problem is essentially the same: how can we minimize the cost to operate our trips?

The companies that are the best fit for this product are those who have flexibility in which tails actually operate a given trip - typically jet card or fractional operators with some interchangeable types within their fleet.

For these operators, particularly if they’re doing a high volume of trips, our optimization software can save them tens of thousands a month, making it easy to see the ROI quickly.

We’ll be deploying this product with multiple operators in 2019.

We wrote a lot on our blog

We continued to write frequently on our blog about all topics optimization-related.

We’re aiming to continue this in 2019, and we’d love your input on the topics you’re most interested in learning about (you can email us here).

Plans for 2019

Aircraft Optimization

We’re going to be working a lot on refining our aircraft optimization product in 2019, making it easier to deploy, and creating more options for integrations.  

There are almost infinite possibilities for extracting all kinds of data from this product, from how much individual customers are flying, to predicting overall volume and peak periods, and reporting all this automatically.  

We want to make sure we give operators the opportunity to take advantage of this data.

Our customers are beginning to gather enough clear data that we can begin applying modern machine learning and artificial intelligence frameworks to gain actionable insights and increase the level of automation.  

The key to implementing tools like this is a rich dataset, which we gather for clients.

This can be a game-changer for high-growth operators with flexibility, giving them a genuine competitive advantage.

Crew Scheduling

It’s clear that many operators are looking for a crew scheduling solution.  The largest issue is the large variety of current methods, and how to adapt a solution for different operators.

We’re planning to develop a product that we believe will be a best fit for most operators, allowing them to vastly improve the automation of their scheduling.

It should also allow easy experimentation, bringing some predictability and optionality to the crew scheduling process.

How to follow us in 2019

We mentioned earlier that we have more podcast episodes planned for 2019.  You can find those here.

We will also continue to post on our blog, which you can read here.

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