Optimization Opportunity for Fractional & Jet Card Operators

Fractional, Jet Card & Optimization - A Perfect Fit

Various types of optimization are more relevant for some types of operations.

Fractional ownership operators, or operators that offer jet card programs have one of the biggest opportunities for optimization.

In other words, operators who have the flexibility to move clients between jets.

As long as you have flexibility to move your clients trip among a number of tails - ie. they aren’t specifying a particular tail number - you have a large savings opportunity.

We call this kind of optimization aircraft optimization.

The Problem to Be Solved

Essentially, the problem we’re trying to solve is:

  • Under constraint of operating rules, both legal and organizational,

  • Taking into account the number of passengers and the client’s desired aircraft class,

  • And the constraints of the trip,

  • How can we minimize the overall operating cost of our fleet?

That’s exactly the problem the Lean Systems aircraft optimization software solves.

Even we have been surprised by some of the implementation results.

The Results Speak for Themselves

In our most recent POC (proof-of-concept) with a fractional operator flying 14 tails, our benchmarking decreased deadhead to an average of 25.05%, which translated into $240,745.60/month in savings!

Not only that, but the solve time typically remained under 15 minutes.

This means that solver runs can be scheduled at times that make sense through the day, or run on-demand for things like disruption management.

The rest of the day can be spent on organizing the details that truly make flight experiences special.

For any operator who has the flexibility to move clients among a variety of tails, proper optimization can yield a massive advantage.

The right software can help you make sure you capitalize on it.

Why Can’t Humans Do This?

A normal reaction to statements like the above is “well, we have a great operations team who is extremely efficient”. No doubt that is true! Most of the teams we interact with are excellent, often going above and beyond to keep their operations running smoothly.

But there’s only so much humans can do.

As an example, if you run a 15-vehicle fleet and have 50 flights over the next 4 days, there are over 100,000,000 possible schedules. 100M!

It’s impossible for even the best humans to consider all possibilities, so you end up with schedules that work, but are sub-optimal. The high operating cost of jets means even modest savings mean a lot to the bottom line.

As soon as you move past a handful of the same type of vehicle, you should start looking at optimization solutions.

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