Top 10 General Aviation Stories (2017)

The Data Science Revolution That's Transforming Aviation

A look at how the data being generated by aircraft and operations is beginning to be handled, and the effect this could have on operational efficiency, among other things, moving forward.  Very, very important article.

Aviation in 2017: Supersonic jets and premium economy

An overview of several general aviation trends, including supersonic aviation, continuing profits, ultra long air routes, budget carriers, premium economy and changes in uniforms.

Why Phoenix's Airplanes Can't Take Off in Extreme Heat

Those familiar with physics should be able to explain this without reading the article, but as one of the most-shared this year, clearly many people are interested in the explanation.

A lack of competition explains the flaws in American aviation

The sub-title explains it all: “Americans are treated abysmally by their airlines.  They should look to Europe for lessons”.

For the First Time in Iran's Aviation History, A Woman Has Been Appointed as CEO of Iran Air

Conditions for working women are very strict in Iran.  Farzaneh Sharafbafi, also the first coman to get a Ph.D in aerospace, was selected from the board members of Iran Air to be the new CEO, certainly progress to be celebrated.

As Ultra-Long-Haul Flying Takes Off, Air New Zealand Eyes Auckland-New York

Air New Zealand holds a number of interesting positions in aviation - two of the longest flights in the world both serve Auckland, they’re one of the top five airlines in the world in terms of distance, and they have one of the youngest fleets.  But they’re eyeing even longer routes, including New York.

Farewell to the 747, the Plane That Shrank the World

This tribute piece examines the legacy and history of the Boeing 747, which “made long-range travel into a mass-market phenomenon”, as Delta Air Lines retires the last of their 747s.

Passengers like flying on planes not made by Boeing or Airbus

Turns out passengers appreciate a change from the usual airplane manufacturers.  The Economist examines whether that will prove to help models like the Bombardier CSeries.

Colombian Airline Wants to Make Passengers Stand

Budget airline VivaColombia is apparently examining whether offering a standing travel option would be more cost-efficient for passengers.  Similar efforts have been proposed by budget carriers like Ryanair in the past, but seat regulations have prevented testing.

World's largest airplane is rolled out

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen rolled out the ‘Stratolaunch’, a plane designed to release rockets into space.  It has a 385-foot wingspan, six engines used by the Boeing 747, and is over 50 feet tall.  Photos and overview in the article.

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