Top 10 Business Aviation Stories (2017)

Enroute A380 wake flips Challenger 604 upside down

A Challenger 604 aircraft operating from Male-Abu Dhabi passed an Airbus A380 heading in the opposite direction, one thousand feet above, southeast of Muscat, Oman, and the resulting wake turbulence causing the Challenger to roll at least 3 times, flaming out the engines and causing the aircraft to drop rapidly.  Amazing story.

These Five Private Aviation Companies Are All Seeing Blue Skies

VistaJet, Wheels Up, Flexjet, JetSmarter and Jet Linx Aviation all announced significant growth milestones this year, ranging from VistaJet’s increase in Program Membership sales and customer retention milestones to Jet Linx’s increase in fleet size.  Details on all growth and the variation in models in the full article.

The Pilot Shortage is a Reality in Business Aviation

Clay Lacy examines the realities of the pilot shortage being felt throughout business aviation, and aviation in general.

UTC and Rockwell Collins in $30bn aviation deal

UTC, maker of Pratt & Whitney jet engines, bought airline parts maker Rockwell Collins in one of the biggest deals in aviation history.  The deal is expected to finish next year, and should give UTC greater negotiating power with major planemakers.  

Captain 'Sully' jumps into fight over air traffic control

Sullenberger, former US Airways pilot made famous for his emergency landing on the Hudson River in 2009, published a video opposing the Trump government’s push to privatize air traffic control.  Full video at link.

This is the cheapest private jet in the world — and it's a true game changer

The Cirrus Vision Jet has a price tag of just $1.96 million, much cheaper than most available private jets, and has been 10 years in the making.  Details, including competitors and design choices in full article.

I flew the newest personal jet. It costs $2 million, parachute included

Related to the above, this article includes a detailed description of the experience of flying in the Cirrus Vision Jet.

The Masters Tops The List For Private Aviation Travel To Sporting Events

Wheels Up expected to operate nearly 200 flights through the 2017 Master’s tournament, up 45% over the previous year, with the Master’s being described as “Coachella for CEOs” by Wheels Up founder Kenny Dichter.  List of the other top sporting events for Wheels Up included in full article.

Uber's head of aviation talks about its plan for air transport. (Just don't call it a flying car.)

This is a Q&A with Uber’s Mark Moore, who is leading their vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) vehicle efforts.  He’s a NASA veteran who now holds the title of Director of Aviation Engineering at Uber, and discusses how Uber is approaching the problem, technologies they’re planning to use, and how they see it operating.

Piaggio Aerospace and Riviera Airport unveils plans to create a new strategic centre in the Mediterranean for general & business aviation

Piaggio Aerospace and Riviera Airport unveiled a plan to create a new strategic center for aviation in the Northern Mediterranean region.  The airport is next to the plant where all Piaggio products are designed and developed, and the plan is to develop the airport for nearby regions like Monaco and the Italian Riviera.  Details and quotes from representatives from each side in the article.

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