Aircraft Fleet Optimization: Don’t Miss Out on Saving Thousands a Month

Maximizing revenue and minimizing cost is the key to a profitable company.

For charter operators, this means minimizing deadhead, and maximizing fleet availability.

This is particularly true for those operating jet card or similar models which have flexibility in tail choice.

Most operations typically use a trial and error approach to assigning tails to legs until they find something that works.

There are lots of factors to consider - crew and aircraft availability, minimum aircraft size/category, pricing, the list goes on.  

It’s impossible for human schedulers to consider all the possibilities.

As a result, even the most efficient operators with human schedulers are missing out on profits.

This is despite large amounts of time modifying and rearranging the schedule.


Lean Systems Fleet Optimization Solution

The answer is Lean Systems fleet optimization software.

Our algorithms compute millions of possible solutions to maximize aircraft availability and minimize deadhead, putting money in your pocket immediately.

Reducing deadhead even a few hours a week adds up quickly when aircraft cost thousands per hour to operate.

At Lean Systems, our team has been solving optimization problems for years, for everyone from ground transportation to top airline companies.

We optimize hundreds of routes daily, and have extensive experience deploying cutting-edge optimization algorithms in the real world.

With our fleet optimization tool, you will be able to

  • Check trip availability at the press of a button,

  • Automatically build a new routing plan in minutes,

  • Be confident in knowing you have minimized costs, and maximized availability of your fleet,

  • Instantly have access to fleet statistics for every solution, and be able to track this data over time,

  • Build a database of information for implementation of tools like machine learning and artificial intelligence, and

  • Put thousands of dollars in your pocket monthly compared to manual scheduling.

The fastest-growing companies in charter are just beginning to utilize optimization tools, and have a big advantage because of it.  

Innovative business models utilizing technology will be the future of aviation - don't be left behind.


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