About Us

Lean Systems was founded in 2016 by Sebastien Roy and Graham Mann in Montreal, Canada, and now has offices in Montreal and New York.  

The company was the brainchild of Sebastien, who previously worked doing crew scheduling optimization for some of the world's top airline companies.  He saw the opportunity to take the same advanced optimization techniques and use the latest software advances to make the tools scalable and accessible for clients of all sizes, across transportation verticals.

Since founding, the team has grown to include experts in operations research and machine learning, who have built the patent-pending technology that allows the powerful optimization Lean Systems provides.

Our amazing team is passionate about bringing top-tier optimization technology to our clients, improving their efficiency, and ultimately helping them grow and succeed.



Sebastien Roy - CEO

Sebastien has a Ph.D. in Physics, and previously worked doing crew scheduling optimization for some of the world's top airlines.  He built the original Lean Systems product, and continues to shape the direction of the product and company vision.

Sebastien spends his spare time being a father to his three children, building amps, and thinking about the future of transportation.


Graham Mann - COO

Graham is a graduate of McGill University in Mechanical Engineering, and joined Sebastien after the two met at Founder Institute Montreal. He spends his time working with customers to help them use Lean Systems technology to be successful.

Outside of work, you can find him sailing, surfing, or otherwise figuring out how to get back on the water, often in his home province of Nova Scotia.


Norbert Lingaya - VP Engineering & CUstomer relations

Norbert has spent his entire career building optimization solutions for real-world problems, and is well-known throughout optimization circles.  He worked with Sebastien building crew scheduling optimization tools for commercial airlines at AD OPT, and continues to lead product development and engineering for Lean Systems.

When he's not working, you can find Norbert enjoying British cars, or with his wife traveling and taking photos.