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Business Aviation


Our business aviation platform lets you automate your crew scheduling and routing while improving efficiency by over 30%.

Our brand-new technology is changing how operators work like never before.




Powerful optimization

Our brand-new platform uses the most advanced optimization technology available, made accessible for the first time.

This means that you can solve the largest problems in minutes, and re-optimize as changes are made.



We know everyone operates a bit differently, which is why we built the platform to be flexible enough to include as many rules as you want.  

Incorporating these small differences is what lets us truly automate your scheduling.


Efficiency Increase 30%+

Whether you're looking to minimize costs, increase coverage of your fleet, or make sure you maximize revenue potential of your fleet, we can optimize for you.

And we can also combine criteria to optimize for as many as you like!

The solver generated exactly what we wanted! Congratulations to the whole team.
— Frédéric Prégent, Taxelco (Montreal)

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